The MATSUSHIMA AIR BASE Air Show in 2016

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The Air Show of Matsushima Air Base

Until 28th, August, 2016
The Air Show of Matsushima Air Base was not held Since the magnitude-9 earthquake shook northeastern of Japan.
Although it was smaller than before, about 10,000 people came to see the air show.
Before the earthquake, there were more than 80,000 people in here.  To avoid the confusion, the people who was elected would be allowed to join in the air show.

The chance of seeing the air show depends on a postcard like this ・・・

The Winners’ postcard

Lucky you!

The Losers’ postcard

A large number of people, including me, have got the black-and-white postcard, included me, I think.

So, I have to took my friend’s postcard to join in the air show!

Beautiful View

The road has been repaired after the earthquake.

New Concrete Roads

The base is bigger than the earthquake。

With The Voice・・・

The voice is from blue-impulse T-4, which is doing low-altitude flight。

Kawasaki T-4

The Kawasaki T-4 is used for Blue Impulse.

Mitsubishi F-2

It is called 「Viper zero」 by fans (By Wiki)

Demonstristion of  Helicopter Rescue

From the helicopter rescue, is to show us the technique.

T-4 Cockpit Experience

There could be experience the cockpit of T-4!
But it will take 2 hours to wait. OMG!

T-4 Cockpit

It will take long time to take photos.

Blue Impulse Junior

Blue impulse junior is a club of Matsushima Base.

Exhibition Traveling

Good driving technique!

Lunch Time・・・

This is the Food Corner. There are so many people come to see the air show.
So I take 30 minutes to wait.
Unfortunately,before my turn, the popular food, 「Ishinomaki Pan-fried noodles」 was sold out. I have to go to another shop for lunch・・・




Flying form No.1



VCR of Climax



360-degree Aileron Roll.

Phoenix low-pass

「Phoenix low-pass」 is to show the world that we cannot be beat by the earthquake.


High technique!


Is the so hard?


You can see it upside down.


I think it is a hard technique.


Absolute it is not a swan.

High Technique

Flying closely like the, the pilots must have high technique and trust each other.

Fly to The Sky

The air show is over.


So happy to see the air show. And I hope there will not have election of seeing air show.


The irresistible cities in Japan is not only Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.
Welcome to Sendai!!


■Address of Matsushima Base


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