「 Lake Izu」 The Lotus Pond

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Lake Izu,inner marsh is a lake which the area is 559 ha, and the depth is only 1.6 m.
In there, you could see the lotus pond.
The color of lotus is pastel pink.
Lake Izu,inner marsh is suma fishing, a local fisherman starts a boat, and the visitors could watch the lotus blooms in the boat.

suma fishing・・・
This year, will be held from 20th, July to 31th, August.
※The time will depend on lotus.

■Boating time
about 25 minutes

・adult 700 YEN Group(more than 20 people)600 YEN
・child 400 YEN Group(more then 20 people)300 YEN

Lotus blossoms only 3 days.
Beautiful flowers are soon picked.

From the tent you can go on board.

Tent and Boat・・・

The blue lake is very beautiful.

 Mt. Kurikoma

here, you can see the  Mt. Kurikoma.
Actually, the sake named Kurikoma taste very delicious.

Let’s Go!

The wind is very comfortable when you on the boat.

So Many Many Lotuses!

I visited here on 21th, August.
In this time, many of lotuses were blossoming.

The Leaves of Lotuses

The VCR on The Boat・・・

Look! How beautiful The boundless lotuses are.

The Other Side・・・

The VCR, which the Mt. Kurikoma as the background is so beautiful.

This One

This one is also great.

From now on, The pictures are my person hobby.


Swollen bud

Two-shot bud

Almost Blossom・・・

Mt.Kurikoma and Two-shot

Big Leaf and Two-shot

This One・・・

Beautiful Lotus♪

So This One・・・

After watching the lotuses, you can go here to see freshwater fish.

「Sanctuary Center」 Freshwater Fish Hall

The Fishes in Aquarium

You can arrive Lake Izu by Tohoku Main Line from Sendai station.

The Fee of Electric Train Is 1140 YEN

From 「Sendai station」 to 「Nitta Station」 will take you 1140 YEN.
Get of the 「Nitta station」, walking about ten minus, will arrive the Lake Izu.


Kurihara City HP,538,78,194,html

The irresistible cities in Japan is not only Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.
Welcome to Sendai!!






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