【Senkoto Extra edition:Akita Prefecture】The Symbol of office of Meiji period

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Kosaka Mine Office was built in 1905.
Once upon a time, the yield of mine was the No.1 in Japan when the Kosaka Mine’s heyday .
after 92 years, the Kosaka Mine Office still was be used as an office.It is the symbol of biggest mine.

As the Kosaka Mine closed, the office was be closed. On 23th, May, 2002, the Kosaka Mine Office was defined as Important Cultural Property  by Japanese government.

Kosaka Mine Office

Look! The retro building! After more than a century, it is also magnificent and beautiful!

General    330YEN
pupil students・middle school students   170YEN
General    270YEN
pupil students・middle school students   170YEN

The Retro Stairs

The atmosphere of Meiji period.

Spiral Stairs

Would you feel the Stairs is Spiral?

「Director Room」

「Director Rom」→Once upon a time,the writing style is from left to right.

Inside of Director Room

I thing the seat of the director is obvious.

There Are Two Types Of The Doors

The left one is general door, and the right is special door, I think.

Desk in Director Room

The desk had been decorated with leather in the surface.
There were two desks of this type in Japan. The one is in here, another one is in America.


Viewed from above, the spiral stairs look like an Ammonoidea.

Heat Bending of Wood

With the heat, the wood can bu bent like this.


Dance Floor

There is the good place to take photos.

The Balcony of Second Floor

The Blueprint


Shadow from The Openwork

So beautiful!

Elaborate Roof

The description of the roof.

Blueprint of The Roof


Plate of Pentagon

To listing beautifully, the workers must be had high technic.


Retro windows・・・

Courtyard from Other direction !



In here, you can also fell the atmosphere of Meiji period.

The Train on Kosaka Railroad(reproduction)

In Meiji period, almost people wearing like this.



View in Office(reproduction)

At that time, there must have many business discussion in office like this ・・・


Mr. Yutarou Kitayuguchi.
First I think he is a famous designer, but the designer was not famous.

The People, Who Build the Foundation of Kosaka Mine

Curt Netto (German metallurgist and educator)
In December, 1867, he was invited by Meiji Government to  Introduction the Hydrometallurgical method.

The Last One is Light Up

How about the retro building of Meiji period・・


Kosakamachi HP:

The irresistible cities in Japan is not only Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.
Welcome to Sendai!!






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