【Akita Prefecture Edition】「Kourakukan Theater」!

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「Kourakukan Theater」 was designated as a National Important Cultural Property of Japan.
In Akita prefecture, there is a small town called Kosaka town.
It is the most northeastern town in Akita prefecture. You would get off the highway when you see the [Kosaka]. And driving 10 minutes can arrive to Kosaka town.

Kosaka town was a prosperous town because of mines. At that time, there were so many miners and their families live here.
In order to let these families live comfortably,  lots of institution was built like schools, hospitals, entertainment and so on.
The「Kourakukan」 is one of them.

「Kourakukan」 became a useless building after the mine closed. But it was reformed in 1987. Now, 「Kourakukan」 is the building which is used to hold many event like Kabugi, comic story
As school excursion,120~130 schools come here every year.

「Kourakukan Road」

There are many flags on both sides.
At the end of road, we can see the 「Kourakukan」.


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It is a beautiful building after reform.
The building is between Western and Japanese style.

Telephone Booth In Meiji Period

Would it let you feel the retro?
Let me have a look・・・

Public Phone In Meiji Period

Sorry, it is too old to know to how to use it.
If you know how to use, please tell me. Thank you!

Ticket Office・・・

The price of tickets.

【There are three different zones of red】
Only for 「Kourakukan」
For 「Kourakukan」 and 「Mine Office」.
For 「Kourakukan」, 「Mine Office」 and 「Kosaka Railway Rail Park」

【The zone of black and green】
For 「Jouchi Play」 ans 「Facility Tours」 of 「Kourakukan」
Only for 「Facility Tours」 of 「Kourakukan」
※If you have not much time or was not interesting in 「Jouchi Play」, the green zone will be good.

「Jouchi Play」」・・・150 minutes
60 minutes(No Photography Permitted)
30 minutes(Meal)
■Song Show
60 minutes(Photos Permitted)
Twice a day: Morning and Afternoon.
 The contents of Play will be different.

■Kourakukan official HP: Calendar of Jouchi Play

Place To Look The Play

Siting on the Japanese cushion to watch the Play.


The beautiful Cross-grain.

The Main Hanamichi

Front of the stage,The left way is the main Hanamichi. To control the drill hole, the actors can let the stage up and down.

What  Is 「The Main Hanamichi」

There is an English  instruction.

The Right Stage is calles 「The Secondary Hanamichi」

There is narrower than 「The Main Hanamichi」。

「The Secondary Hanamichi」is・・・


This Place is Called 「Sajiki」


You can also sit to watch

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This is 「Rinkanseki」


The instruction of Rinkanseki. Next you can see the under of sate.

Get down the stairs

Dark Corridor・・・

This apparatus is calles 「Setsuana」

The actor use setsuana to let the stage up and downです。
Ues the rope and the pulley to control

Directly below of stage・・・

This is called 「Naraku」to make the stage rotation

Left of the picture, there are four Wooden sticks for 4 people to rotate


Pulley for rotating the stage

People use the pulley to rotate


The goods of actor, if there is someone you like, please buy it.

Local speciality

「Perilla winding radish」is made with Soy sauce

「Revolving stage rice cracker」!

It is called「Rice cracker」, this is a 18 diameter 「Rice cracker」with lots of Peanuts.

Soba Noodles and Udon Noodles!

most of the cost 500 Yen
The price is not expensive

Let me have a test・・・

Order the 「Soba Noodle Soup with Edible Wild Plants」 and 「Tempura Soba Noodle Soup」 with friend.

Toilet ・・・

Barrier-free toilet is very wide and clean.

Bright inside

Hand-wash facilities is very clean.

Red post is be using now」

There are something written on the paper. It is a notice 「The post is collected once a day」・・・

Room facilities

Introduction is ending.





The irresistible cities in Japan is not only Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.
Welcome to Sendai!!


Kosaka town「Kourakukan Theater」
address: 秋田県鹿角郡小坂町小坂鉱山字松ノ下2番地



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