「Butadon」, Fragrant of Grill

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At night, taverns in Japan are very lively. Today, I will introduce one of them, which use the local ingredients to cook. The tavern is 「Brahma fishing port」.
This tavern also has lunch menu. And it’s 「Butadon」is very delicious.

Dispaly of 「Butadon」

「Today’s Special!!」

This day,I would introduce the、「Butadon」(salt).
There are four tastes of「Butadon」.

◆Grill 「Butadon」 700Yen
・Chili soy sauce (most popular)
・Pili miso(
・Ginger soy sauce

Order Today’s special

The volume is so much.
With miso soup.

The waiter prepare many plate, and say “Please put these meat into the plates”.
Absolutely, the 「Butadon」 looks like spilling、

The plate is for the top of 「Butadon」

See,the volume!

It is only half of the grill meat.

Grill Pork

From the kerf, you can see the color of pork is pink.
Softly and juicy.
Elderly could eat easily.

Lunch Menu

Lunch 700Yen!
「Loin Katsudon」700Yen!
The price is cheap.

「Seafooddon」 700Yen!

「Seafooddon」 is only costs 700Yen!

In the evening,  bottle keep will be display.

The tavern’s atmosphere is very lively, you will be happy to eat there.

Shelf of the counter, there are many bottles, which tell us this tavern is popular.

Would you like to have a 「Grill Butadon」?

The 「Brahma fishing port」

There maybe many incorrect words in the article.
The translater is not professional, sorry to trouble you!


■Brahma fishing port HP

The irresistible cities in Japan is not only Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.
Welcome to Sendai!!


■Brahma fishing port Chuonichome shop



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