「Zunda Ice Cream」 of 「ochanoukgeta」’s 「Kikusuian」

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Same to 「Zunda Soft」,「ochanoukgeta」’s 「Kikusuian」 starts to sell 「Zunda Ice Cream」!

「Zunda Shake」 is vert delicious, what about the 「Zunda Ice Cream」.
Let me have a look・・・

The second picture・・・

This is The 「ZundaIce Cream」!

「Zunda Soft」 280Yen(tax-included)

Until last week, there was 「Matcha Ice Cream」・・・

This is The 「ZundaIce Cream」!(real thing)

Because the color is white, Without the expected to eat・・・
Sorry, the taste has no relationship with color.

So delicious!

「Macha Ice Cream」 is also familiar as this. Taste’s balance is good.
It brings out the taste of the material・・・As usual、Developers are very great!

And, you can eat is slowly and relax.
There are four small tables.
Eating in the shop, the waiters will provide tea as service.
The tea also taste delicious. 
Use the same tea leaves, tasting more delicious than home.
It point is temperature・・・

There are many other sweets

I have no idea which one is best・・・

Friends have decided!

Friends are so happy!
・Petit Zunda parfait
・Petit Shiratama parfait
Both of them are cute and delicious!

From here,  I will introduce the Japanese confectionery in autumn.

「Moon Rabbit」 550Yen

Oh,it is cute・・・
Innocent,the expression of rabbit is cute. Children would be happy.

Village in autumn」 450Yen

The is Japanese confectionery named rakugan.
Chestnut、ear of rice,scarecrow, maple, stomach, persimmon, Matsutake mushroom・・・

Put rice into Syrup, and mix with sugar to coloring. Then Press to type, at this time put the sugar, beans and so on in the rice .(From Wiki)

Half confectionery 350Yen

Small dumpling. They same as toys.And so cute they are.

Eating the Ice cream of 「ochanoukgeta」’s 「Kikusuian」 with friends is very happy.

When you visit Sendai City, please taste the Japanese Sweets, you could enjoy it.


The irresistible cities in Japan is not only Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.
Welcome to Sendai!!


Ichibancho Head Office





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