「Sasebo Burger」, Opening in Sendai

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In 「Sasebo Burger Jozenji-dori Avenue Shop」 you can eat the really 「Sasebo Burger」

Please see the last picture to confirm the address.

Atmosphere of the shop

Front of shop are counters, and  inside of the shop there are several tables.

The view from the table

The innermost table is no smoking

Order the good plan!

Order the plan cost 880 Yen.
To be caution: The set is only for 「Burger」, 「Sandwish」 is not target.

This is 「Sandwish」

They are look like very ddelicious!
They are not the 「Day Set」.

Chosen the 「Sasebo Burger」.

「Day Set」 of the 「Sasebo Burger」

The color of burger is very beautiful!
The big bacon tastes good・・・

・Sasebo Burger
・French fried potatoes
・Drink without alcohol

They cost 880 Yen.
It is really really a good plan.

「Sasebo Burger」

Fresh vegetables and the juicy berger!
Thick slice bacon and fluffy cheese!

「Salad」 and 「Dessert」!

The dressing of salad smells great!
Dessert is petit cake, insider it there are some ice cream.

「Sasebo Burger」 and 「French fried potatoes」!

The french fried potatoes are very crunchy.

Chose whatever you like!

The Tabasco is also prepared.If you like spicy, use it.

What is in the two baskets・・・

They are ketchup and musatrd!


Wi-Fi is prepared.

「Sasebo Burger」 is waiting for your coming!

Because the shop is very popular, it would maybe take you one hour to wait in day time of weekends.

<Business Hours>
Sunday・Festivals 10:00~24:00
Monday~Friday 10:00~next day2:00

The irresistible cities in Japan is not only Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.
Welcome to Sendai!!


■Sasebo Burger Sendai Jozenji-dori Avenue




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