【Festival of Northeastern Fukushima Prefecture】”Soma-Nomaoi “

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A 1000-year-old tradition festival ・・・

Soma-Nomaoi is a festival of Fukusima prefecture. It was held by three shrines of Soma city.

1. Hibarigahara (Soma City)
2. Oota shrine (South-Soma City)
3. Odaka shrine (South-Soma City)

Intangible Culture Property

The three of shinji are specified Intangible Culture Property by Japanese government.

・Address: Nomakake road  野馬追通り 小川橋~雲雀ヶ原祭場地
・Distance: 3km  about 500 horses

2.Armed Horse Race

3.Sacred Flag Competion

The summer festival of Tohoku

This festival is earlier than other festival  of  Tohoku.
It is hold in the last of Saturday, Sunday, Monday of July, every year.
This festival is hold is Sunday.

Origin of Soma-Nomaoi

Before Kamakura shogunate came into power, it is said that the Taira no Masakado, the ancestor of Soma, began a type of military training in which wild horses were used as mock-ups for enemy forces.

After Kamakura shogunate came into power, all military exercises of this sort were forbidden,but Soma-Nomaoi  was permitted on grounds of it being a sacred ritual, and it is in this form the festival continues to this day.
In 1868, Nakamura clan failed the Boshin War. And in 1872, the all wild horses were  hunted. So the Soma-Nomaoi  also disappeared.

But in 1878, Soma-Nomaoi was permitted to revival by the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Communications.

Appearance of Samurai Riding on Horse

The Samurai, riding the horses come form each towns.

Please reading the detail in the HP.

Soma-Nomaoi Committee HP

The irresistible cities in Japan is not only Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.
Welcome to Sendai!!




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