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In Chigusa Japanese Dance School, there is a new course named [mothers practice].

The targets are the mothers, whose babies are preschooler.
The mothers could study the dance, besides look after their babies.

Mom’s Course

From the place where babies play,  can see their mothers. So the babies could not be worry about where are the mothers.

Babies Play In Practicing Place

Before mothers are practicing, they will create a place where the babies can play in there.

Mothers Can Focus on Learning  The Dance

The place,  the mothers could the their babies, let them focus on learning dance.

Train the Trunk of Body

To train the trunk of the body, it is good for postpartum women to recover.

The Teacher, The babies love

The babies’s favorite teacher.
The teacher is looking after the babies, and playing with the babies. Sometime the babies is too happy to come back home.

To join the course, you must buy the ticket. The ticket will be efficient in 3 months when you get it. And you can use 4 times.

◆「Mom’s course」
・Tuesday 11:00(60minutes)
 4 times 10,000YEN
(3 months)

You need not come in every week.

The admission fee of this course is free. If you have time, you can try to join it, maybe it will make you happy.

The New Thing, Would You Like Dance With Your Babies?

「Want to do something」 will not change anything。
「Do something」will change anything.

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「Mom’s Course」


The irresistible cities in Japan is not only Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.
Welcome to Sendai!!


■Chigusa Japanese Dance School


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