Nagisa’s fairy, Gibasa, the idol who was born in Shiogama!

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「I am Gibasa Akamoku!」

「I am coming to introduce the sargassum horneri
My promotion is in Shiogama, Miyagi Prefecture!」

The well known fairy, Gibasa!

ノーマル(赤髪)の立ち姿です。 ダウンロード

Gibasa, the fairy who was born on 25th, May, promotes the sale of sargassum horneri

Is everyone knows the sargassum horneri?

Sargassum horneri is the sticky seaweed!

Look ! The seaweed is so slippery and sticky!
The city of Akita calls it Gibasa!

It’s red when it is raw, but it turns green when be cooked!

As usual, My hair’ color is red. When i am exciting, my hair’color will turn green!

The bad children will be punished like this!

The Sargasso Sea in Bermuda Triangle is famous as ships.  The seaweed in Sargasso Sea is sargassum horneri’ friend.
The skill is call Sargasso hold!Is is a Close Quarters Combat.

The watchword is [“Nebagiba!”]


The word of Neba in Japan is tenacity, and the word of Gibasa in Japan is sargassum horneri !

At sometimes・・・



Sometimes, The Gibasa crys ・・・
But after crying ,come on ・・・!

Join in [Moe Chara Grand Prix]!

The deadline is 30th,September。
Let us cheer the Gibasa on!
「You can vote once a day ! Please vote for me 」by Gibasa

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Start date in twitter:2014-06-25 09:28:48


■Gibasa’s HP


The irresistible cities in Japan is not only Tokyo, Osaka, Kyoto, Nagoya, Fukuoka, Sapporo.
Welcome to Sendai!!



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